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Imagine the day when you can walk into your home and have the stress of the day lifted off your shoulders in a single moment. You are embraced with a sense of comfort and calm as your muscles relax, your mind clears, and your breathing deepens.

One third of our day is spent in the home, that time should be made as relaxing and rejuvenating as possible. With so much time and effort being spent on creating the right ambiance in your home using design and decoration, it’s time to complete your decor with the invigorating scents of Hotel Scents. Our wide range of aromas offer solutions for homes of all shapes and sizes and go beyond what your everyday aroma can do.

What is HVAC Scenting?

HVAC Systems provide powerful, even and efficient scenting throughout large spaces. This ultra-quiet machine uses cold air diffusion to disperse aromas throughout your home or business. It's ease of use and little to no maintenance makes it a perfect option for your home. HVAC options provide consistent scenting throughout your home without ever having to light a candle or reed. The area coverage is also quite large with these powerful machines, to find the perfect tool for your space or home, contact us and have our specialist find you a custom solution. 



Find out more about our variety of diffusers to give your home more character. Whether you’re looking for a whole home scenting option that will allow your scent to cover multiple areas through your central heating and cooling system, or just looking to scent a single area, our product line offers a wide-range of options for home scenting.


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