The Process

The process of finding and creating a scent identity is very detailed and personalized as no two brands or businesses are the same. All aspects of the business are taken into consideration. Their history, customers, goals and the desired emotional response are all interpreted and translated into a scent that represents their brand and will help further their goals and aspirations.

The sense of smell is one of our most “emotional senses,” being highly connected to emotions and memories.
Richard Axel and Linda B. Buck - 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology
Apple's® Scenting

Apple's® signature fragrance is in every store, and is experienced and felt with every opened product. They've made sure that every consumer touchpoint is greeted with a particular aroma that connects to their brand. 

How Does Scent Branding Work?

<span style="color:#000;">Our sense of smell is processed by the limbic system of our brain which is located on the left side of our brain. This direct path to the emotional part of our brain means scent doesn't have to be processed or interpreted. Scent is used in branding because it increases the customers' remembrance of the brand. It can create instant connections between a brand and other memories. Smell is linked to pleasure, well-being, emotion, and memory. Therefore, it can influence customers' emotional state and mood to make the customers more susceptible and even impact customer behavior.</span>

Our Approach

We provide businesses with a way to break through the auditory and visual overload by using scent to reach their customers on an emotional level, strengthen their brand and increase revenues.Our team works with our clients to incorporate their scent to a multitude of facets of the customer experience. The more touch points that incorporate the scent, the more the customer is exposed which strengthens the brand connection.

HVAC Frequently Asked Questions

Cold air diffusion is the latest technology in the scenting industry. It works by using high amounts of air pressure to compress oils into a dry mist of nanoparticles. This cold air diffusion technology is used in all Home Scents diffusing systems and ensures consistent and subtle scenting without high or low points in the scenting process. 

Hardly ever! We preset your unit to your desired settings before sending it to you. If you choose to change your settings afterwards, the units are extremely easy to reprogram. The only maintenance is to change your oil bottle when empty. 

Absolutely not. Our oils are designed to work specifically with our state of the art, cold air diffusion technology. How this works is by breaking down the oils into nanoparticles and then releasing them as a cool, dry mist throughout the ventilation system. This means that not only will there be no residue or damage to your ventilation system- it's safe around artwork, pets, children, and furniture. 

In order for the system to work the fan must be on. During cool weather turn the fan of your central air conditioner to the ON position (as opposed to AUTO) to ensure the fragrance continues to circulate throughout your home.

No. Hotel Scent's units can also be used with the fan or heat settings in the central air conditioning system. Please note that warm air will give you a slightly stronger fragrance.

This will depend on the size of the unit and how much room is available for the unit on the rooftop. For more details please schedule a consultation with us to give you the best information possible for your space. 

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