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Reducing stress in the workplace is high on many emloyers action list, and has been proven to improve happiness and productivity of employees. Research demonstrates that aromatherapy is a simple, non-invasive and conveient way to achieve this goal.

Adding a customized scent to the office or workplace can help to cultivate new emotions, increase feelings of trust and well-being, and improve productivity.

Essential oils such as citrus have been proven to help reduce feelings of anxiety, improve mood state, Jasmine and Peppermint have shown to enhance memory, increase alertness and improve mood state, while Rosemary has been associated with enhancements in cognitive performance.

Use aromas to improve attention spans, decrease anxiety, improve alertness, and create a sense of well-being in your office space.

Our experts will find a blend of scents that will have a positive impact on your space, and leave you wondering why you didn't do this sooner.


Our cold-air diffuse technology is applicable to small and large spaces, and we offer solutions for all types of businesses.

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Our team has curated a selection of scents designed to bring out different emotions, from uplifting and bright to relaxing and calm.



Simple, wick based systems are great for small areas, such as sprucing up an entrance way.

Workplace, medical and dental office scenting, workplace, medical and dental scent diffuser - Photo by <a href="">National Cancer Institute</a>Workplace, medical and dental office scenting, workplace, medical and dental scent diffuser - Photo by <a href="">National Cancer Institute</a>

Aromatherapy in Medical and Dental Offices

Dentist offices and doctors offices can sometime conjure feelings of unhappyness, unpleasantness and fear, especially if an individual has had bad experiences in the past.

Utilizing scents in medical and dental offices can help with many things, such as reducing anxiety, create calming emotions, produce feelings of contentment, eliminate unpleasant odors and set your practice apart from others.

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