Retail scent marketing and retail business scent diffuserRetail scent marketing and retail business scent diffuser



The most powerful sense is smell, and leveraging it in your store will quickly set you apart from the competiton. In order to get customers endeared with your store, you must give them something to connect with, to remember. Scent is the answer. It creates a direct line to your limbic system, which is where memories are created. Create a connection to a memory, and voila, the customer will have an emotional connection to your store.

Scent creates an atmosphere where anything is possible. Utilize it to create feelings of energy and zest, or soptistication and luxury. There are no limits to the feelings that scent can create.

“Demonstrates a positive effect of multi-sensory congruent cues on shoppers’ emotions, through valence and purchase behavior, through time spent in the store and purchase.”

M. Helmefalk & B. Hulten, 2017, Multi-sensory congruent cues in designing retail store atmosphere: Effects on shoppers’ emotions and purchase behavior -2017

Hvac diffusers

Our cold-air diffuser technology is applicable to small and large spaces, and we offer solutions for all types of businesses.

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Organic scents

Our team has curated a selection of scents designed to bring out different emotions, from uplifting and bright to relaxing and calm.


Reed diffusers

These simple wick systems deliver fragrances constantly into any space without the use of heat or flame.

Retail scent marketing, retail scent diffuserRetail scent marketing, retail scent diffuser

Create Brand Connection

From freshly baked cookies to the rich, welcoming aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee, scents are what activate the senses at the deepest level, and create long lasting connections to memories. Discover how implementing scent marketing in your business can create lasting impressions and make your business one that won't be forgotten.

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In order to create lasting impressions on your customers, something must be taken away besides just a product.

Aromas be can the link between a great experience and long lasting, repeat customers. One Green Solution's experts in scent branding can create a unique, memorable scent that sets your business apart from the rest.

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