OGS 2605 Home Aroma Scent Diffuser - Up To 2500 SQ FT

OGS 2605 Home Aroma Scent Diffuser - Up To 2500 SQ FT

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OGS 2605 Home Aroma Scent Diffuser For Home & Business - Covers up to 2500 SQ Ft


The OGS 2605 Home Aroma Scent Diffuser working principle of the machine is two-fluid technology (Nano-technology). The machine generates air flow and air pressure through the air pump and transmits it to the atomizing head. The atomizing head converts the liquid SCENT into atomized particles through the nozzle and dispenses into the air. The size of such particles is generally less than 10 microns. .TO MIX EVENLY WITH THE COLD AIR YOU ARE BREATHING FROM THE AIR CONDITIONER through THE VENT DIRECT TO YOUR NOSE .

The atomization port is designed with a hidden small fan, which can speed up the scent smell spray to every corner to diffuse the smell distribution more even.

Available Scents (Not included, must purchase separately):

Apple Pie

Vanilla Cedar Wood Sage

Bergamot Amber

Pumpkin Spice




Pure Love




Wi-Fi Control Fully programmable LCD touch screen.
On/Off Interval Range of 5 sec to 300sec
Capacity 500 ml (included) (Aroma Sold Separately)
Built-in Fan Provides Greater Scent Control 

WHITE scratch resistant plastic.
HVAC/Wall Mount/Portable

Unit size: 8.5 H x 11.75W X 4.5D.

Weight: 4.5 lbs  Empty(500 ml = 1.5 lbs)

Power 120V (Electrical Plug Included) 12V DC
Suggested Room Size: UP TO 2500 sq. ft

Purchase Option:

OGS 2605  with 500 MIL  bottle

(Scent sold separately)

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