OGS 975 Home Aroma Scent Diffuser
OGS 975 Home Aroma Scent Diffuser

OGS 975 Home Aroma Scent Diffuser

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OGS 975 Home & Business Aroma Scent Diffuser, up to 450 Sq Ft. 

Our OGS 975, which is a powerful, compact and fully-programmable plug-in scent diffuser that covers 450 square feet with scent. It also comes with an empty 100 mL bottle. Learn how to program this scent system with the app on your mobile device 

  • Capacity: 100 ML Recyclable Bottle (Aroma Oil Sold Separately)
  • Light Control Mode: When light is on it begins to work
  • Regular Mode: 24 HR working time
  • Easy to add refill.
  • Disclaimer: DO NOT flip over with oil inside container.
  • App Bluetooth Control Mode: Program working time and scent intensity via our mobile app
    • Download app
    • To access your device, all passwords are preset to 8888

                 Purchase Option:

                  OGS 975  with 100 MIL  bottle
                 (Scent sold separately)

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